Hi, I’m Edward Shepard

 I’m a writer and producer who loves gathering people around the digital campfire to share the experience of unforgettable stories, well told.


Professionally and creatively, I’m motivated by narrative effect – the power of stories to spark imagination, illuminate minds, and ignite action.

I’ve always been fascinated by the aesthetics, culture, and practice of science. (My first job was cataloging owl pellets at a science museum.)  The intersection of story and science is seen in my current work with Labocine, Antimatter Mag, and some of the projects I’m producing at Narrative Effect.

Much of my past marketing work was centered around content strategy. Perhaps it’s in my blood; my great-grandfather built the first FM radio network and transformed radio solely to promote the Shepard Company.  “News while it’s news.”

When I’m not plugged in at Study Hall in Burlington, Vermont, you can typically find me in Brooklyn, Seattle, or Montreal.


Random facts:

  • My favorite bookstore is Ada’s.
  • My (new) favorite coffee shop is Onyx Tonics. (Though Ada’s is a close second.)
  • I recently put together a pop-up film fest of microscope footage called #Cinemicro.
  • My favorite iconoclastic songwriter / shredder / ranter / is Neil Young.
  • My favorite rapper is still KRS-One.
  • My favorite book is Leaves of Grass. Specifically the 1855 edition.
  • My favorite movie is an indie you’ve probably never heard of called Star Wars.

Professional Background

Here’s a resume. Here’s LinkedIn.